Oregon CBD Flower


Oregon CBD Flower




Each year, Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. grows thousands of pounds of Sun Grown Oregon Hemp Flower. As a licensed Oregon hemp grower, we are diligent in our compliancy and feel it is one of the most important parts of our process and success. All of our Flower has passed inspection and tested to State and Federal guidelines for resale. 


All of our Oregon Hemp Flower is machine trimmed twice for a close cut. We also offer hand trimmed for a higher price. Most of our customers find our machine trim suitable for display. 



Farmers Reserve

These are the cream of the crop hemp buds, taken from the biggest hemp Colas and heartiest hemp plants on the farm. We name these babies because they deserve so much respect. Bertha, Betty, Susie Q, oh how we love you. 

A Buds

Big beautiful nugs, lots of character, ready to be premiered at the local dispensary Glass Case. Hemp flower at it's finest. 

B Buds

Take a step down size wise but keep the same quality. You might see some hemp popcorn in there but don't fret it's very nice. 

C Buds

Get your butter and let's grab some hemp popcorn buds. These hemp buds are great for all sorts of stuff - CBD pre-rolls, CBD cooking, CBD biomass. Get's the job done just at a nicer price. 


We don't waste any part of the hemp CBD plant and neither should you. Our trim still holds a good CBD percentage and is great for all sorts of Hemp projects, CBD biomass, CBD oil pressing, Hemp CBD edibles. 


Feeling Crafty? Hemp Crete, Hemp Paper, Hemp Rope, Hemp Fiber. The hemp stalk is one of the most versatile parts of the plant. The fibrous texture has changed the world.. and can save it. 




If you know Agriculture, you know prices change on crops depending on the time of the year, supply, demand, etc. Since we aren't a part of set market pricing like more mainstream crops, we have to keep our ear to the ground and adapt to the market. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will give you an accurate hemp flower price quote. No BS. 



All of our Oregon Hemp flower comes with 3rd party lab results from certified labs. We test for Pesticides, Mold, Potency and Heavy Metals. We even test our soil regularly.


Become a Wholesale Member

Are you a CBD store, CBD Dispensary, Hemp Boutique or CBD company and looking for a weekly/monthly supply of quality Oregon Grown Hemp Flower? Consider becoming a member of our Wholesale Program and get all the benefits of discounted pricing, dedicated customer success rep, marketing campaigns, and much more!


Email us at sales@4fletcherfarms.com and let's talk.



Oregon CBD Flower


Oregon grown Hemp CBG now Available!

We just concluded our first season with our new CBG Hemp Strains. If you have not tried CBG Hemp Flower yet, you are missing out. We find it a bit more relaxing than normal CBD. It blends perfectly with our CBD Hemp Flower. CBG is on the rise and gaining more popularity around the country. The best part about it, is that it contains NO detectable THC. That's right, no THC. It smells great, tastes great and we think it is the future of cannabinoids. More research needs to be done, but early research on CBG shows a lot of promise. 



Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. is located in the arid high desert landscape of Eastern Oregon. Hemp was discovered in the high mountains of Central Asia thousand of years ago - we know this is the perfect area for hemp plants to grow. Plenty of sunny days, water fed in from the Snake river and rich volcanic soil make our hemp plants hearty, nutrient dense and cannabinoid rich. It also makes for a perfect curing environment without the worry of mold. We love it here.