CBD You Can Trust

At Fletcher Farms, we create trustworthy CBD products. In an industry that badly needs trust, we are passionate about providing high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products. With our unique approach to crafting CBD products, we offer our customers access to CBD directly from its natural source.

From Our Farm to Your Door

Sage working hard on the farm


Based in Vale, Oregon, Fletcher Farms grows thousands of pounds of Sun Grown Oregon Hemp each year. As we strive to provide CBD you can trust, we are diligent in our compliance and believe that this is one of the most important factors in our process.

As a licensed Oregon hemp grower, we ensure our products pass inspection, third party testing, and meet the State and Federal guidelines for CBD products. This helps us ensure that our customers receive consistently high-quality products.

How Do I Know Which CBD Products to Trust?

The world of CBD products is a complex one to navigate. People often come to us with questions about our products. Some are excited, and others are a bit wary. There’s so much misinformation about CBD products that people aren’t sure what to believe. Moreover, because so many new brands pop up alongside ever-changing laws and regulations, it’s hard to know who sells CBD you can trust. So, why trust Fletcher Farms?

Third-Party Lab Testing

Trustworthy CBD should provide proof of third-party lab testing. This shows that they test their products for safety and purity. In addition, it helps to confirm what their products contain, listing the precise amount of CBD, THC, and any other cannabinoids specific to each product.

At Fletcher Farms, our CBD products go through third-party testing by accredited labs. With the simplicity of our product ingredients, it’s easy for you to understand what goes into our products as well. Certificates of Analysis for our products are available for review online.

Locally Sourced Hemp

When other brands source their hemp, they have to consider where it comes from. Oftentimes, brands source their hemp overseas. While this is often fine for textiles, other countries don’t have the same strict growing standards we have in the United States. In addition, states with legalized recreational cannabis have even stricter standards and safety regulations.

As an officially licensed hemp grower in Oregon, we source our hemp directly from our own farm. Compliance is important to us because we want to provide quality products to our clients. From the moment we sew seeds to when the package arrives at your door, we have firm control over the quality of our products.

Quality, Simple Ingredients

As with many things, we believe that simple is better when it comes to ingredients. When you look at the list of ingredients on a CBD product, you don’t want to see a long list of words you aren’t sure how to pronounce.

That’s why Fletcher Farms only uses ingredients that serve a purpose in our CBD products. For example, our CBD gel caps offer a controlled dose of CBD oil in a simple form. The only ingredients are the Full Spectrum CBD oil and MCT, all contained in a convenient gel capsule.

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