Our Farm

Fletcher Farms is a Family-Owned Hemp Farm in Vale, Oregon. With decades of farming experience in the Pacific-Northwest, we aim to bring high-quality sought after strains of flower and cannabinoid rich products to the local market and beyond.

As a farm, our focus is on using the most sustainable practices to yield potent flower while having a positive, harmonious effect on the land and environment. From the day we sew seeds in soil, to when our finished products leave the farm, we are a hands-on company passionate about the intricacies of working with nature to yield high quality hemp.

Our Products

Our mission is to create trustworthy CBD products in an industry that badly needs it. Our farm to consumer approach is unique and gives our customers access to CBD right from the source.

If you are just finding us, Welcome to the Family, we are glad you are here. Please join us on our mission and let's be the change that is needed.  


We grow our ingredients. With so many CBD companies out there -  how do you know where your CBD is coming from? You know with Fletcher Farms. 


We create products that work for us. Too many companies will throw CBD in anything and hope it works. With years of experience in this industry, we know how to make products that actually help people.


We have learned something living the farm life and there is so much more than CBD that can help you stay healthy and relaxed. We also promote everyday wellness along with our products. It's a lifestyle.