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Fletcher Farms CBG + CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls offer a great way to enjoy the robust flavors of the hemp flower in a convenient, sustainable package.

CBD+CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

CBD+CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls. Fletcher Farms hemp flower is proudly sun-grown in Vale, Oregon using all-natural practices and never pesticides. Our pre-rolled CBD joints are blended at a 1:1 ratio and contain a USDA approved THC content of <0.3%; all rolled in natural unbleached hemp papers to ensure a smooth and flavorful experience.

Each tube contains 10 Half Gram pre-rolls.

12.52% Total Cannabinoids = CBD 6.07% + CBG 5.33%

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Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Hemp flower pre-rolls are a great way to enjoy the natural benefits of the hemp plant. While smoking is not a new innovation by any means, it’s a less common form of consumption for CBD. Pre-rolls raise many questions for people, especially their legality due to their visual similarity in smoking cannabis.

CBG + CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls FAQ

Is it Legal?

Yes, our smokes contain less than 0.3% THC which is the legal limit per the 2018 Farm bill. There are some states that have not updated their laws and we can't ship to Idaho, South Dakota, Louisiana, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

You can smoke hemp?

Yes, you can smoke hemp. Hemp is just another name for Cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. While there are varieties that are for rope, textiles, etc, that is not the kind we grow. Our hemp genetics are made for smoking and have high cannabinoid profiles.

Check our Blog for more info on this.

How many smokes come in a pack?

10 half gram CBD+CBG pre-rolls.

Is your hemp Pre-Rolls tube reusable?

Yes, people love our hard pack tubes for many reasons. They are great for keeping your pre-rolls protected, especially compared to traditional cartons that get easily smashed and can ruin your stash. They also have been known to house many other items that you love to pack once you are done with your smokes!

What are hemp flowers and pre-rolls?

A hemp flower pre-roll, also called a CBD pre-roll, is essentially a joint made with hemp flower. The flower is simply the material that goes into the pre-roll, providing a healthy dose of CBD and CBG. At Fletcher Farms, we also sell wholesale CBD flowers and hemp buds from our farm for those who need a supplier.

Because CBD is still relatively new to the market and often closely associated with THC, it’s important to be clear that there are numerous, key distinctions between the two. Firstly, our hemp flower pre-rolls contain very little THC, only the 0.3% that naturally occurs in the plant. Secondly, THC is the cannabinoid that people commonly associate with the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Because our pre-rolls contain such mild amounts of THC, these effects are significantly reduced. With these trace amounts, some users experience a mild high while others feel more relaxing effects.

This is an important distinction because people who smoke CBD want the peace of mind knowing they won’t experience intense psychoactive side effects. CBD pre-rolls are becoming a popular way to enjoy CBD and CBG because smoking them delivers the beneficial effects of these cannabinoids more quickly with a more flavorful experience.

How are these CBD pre-rolls made?

We grow our own hemp plants at our family-owned hemp farm in Vale, Oregon. Our family has decades of farming experience in the Pacific Northwest, and we grow high-quality strains of hemp in order to produce all-natural, cannabinoid-rich CBD products.

We blend our hemp flower pre-rolls at a 1:1 ratio in all-natural hemp papers that help to ensure a flavorful, smooth smoking experience. As a farm, we focus on sustainable practices that yield potent hemp flowers with a harmonious effect on the land. That’s why you’ll never find pesticides in our products. From the day we sew seeds to when you light up your CBD pre-roll, we are a hands-on company that cares about offering high-quality hemp products.

Have more questions?

Please send a chat request located at the bottom right of our website. Most of the time we will be online and can answer any questions you might have immediately. If no one answers right away, leave your email and we will ping you right back.

You can also email us at info@4fletcherfarms.com