The Case for Outdoor Grown Hemp

Fletcher Farms

Hemp plants for CBD Outdoors vs Indoors

It has been debated lately whether is it better to grow Hemp plants for CBD Outdoors vs Indoors. Before I start, I just want to mention here that at Fletcher Farms Hemp Co, we do both greenhouse growing and outdoor, so I understand greenhouse growing has lots of benefits too.

Often when I hear this topic debated it seems like the indoor grower will win this argument based on nothing but a general ideology that somehow indoor must be better. Indoor growing has been a necessity for cannabis growers for many years and so there is an assumption it is better.

In my attempt to get solid facts to support my case on the outdoor grow, I soon realized that it comes down to if the hemp flower is properly grown or not, regardless if it’s indoor or outdoor. Good growing practices and good genetics are the true tests of a great hemp plant.

A few worthy traits to look at when comparing outdoor grown hemp to indoor grown hemp

There are a few worthy traits to look at and compare when it comes to which is “better”. I found that some claims of the outdoor flower just weren’t what I experienced growing hemp outdoors. One claim is Trichome density is better indoors. Our trichome density is amazing as you can see in the picture of an outdoor bud. Another claim that I can confirm is a total myth is cannabinoid potency. We can match our outdoor flower’s COA (Certificate of Analysis) with any indoor and be right there with them. However, a trait that it seems everyone can agree on is that outdoor bud is bigger and more colorful. Color has a lot to do with being grown under the full light spectrum of the sun, but genetics certainly play a big role. Purple, Pink, and Orange buds are beautiful whether grown indoors or out.

So, with all this said, I would like to give you my perspective on why the outdoor-grown flower should have its day in the sun too (so to speak)

Ok, here we go. Like a lot of folks, I enjoy gardening. The whole process from planting the seed to chopping up what I’ve grown into my favorite recipe. Sitting down to eat garden-fresh vegetables is awesome. And what I don’t grow, I happily buy from the farmer’s markets. You can feel good about what you are putting in your body. I think we can all agree on that.

Let me ask you... faced with a sun-grown tomato or a hothouse tomato which one are you going to pick? I know I am going for that vine-ripened outdoor tomato with all its juicy goodness.

So why is it not the same for our outdoor-grown hemp flowers? They have been meticulously cared for with the best organic practices available. Taking up all the good nutrients from healthy living soil and has received natural rainwater whenever possible. I can tell you these plants are heartier than any protected indoor plant. Yes, they endure the winds, temperature changes, and everything mother nature throws at them. But, just like those pretty vegetables and produce you’ve grown in your garden, the resulting flower is a strong, healthy, beautiful flower that has been kissed by the sun, rinsed by the rain, and ready to produce a product you can feel good about.

Hemp flower grown outdoor provides everything the plant has to offer

An outdoor hemp flower bud produces a big stacked oily bud that is high in CBD but also provides everything the hemp plant has to offer. The smell of the hemp field, as it comes into bloom, is amazing. If you ever get a chance to walk through an outdoor hemp field in late August, you will know what I’m referring to. This will be the flower you would want to be producing your CBD oil or smokable flower. I think you will agree that outdoor hemp flower is as good for your body as all the other great plants that are grown outdoors!

Patty Fletcher
Head Flower Lover
Fletcher Farms Hemp Co.