Hemp Farming


  • Regenerative Soil-Part 1

     Regenerative Soil Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was enacted on December 20, 2018 growing Hemp has been a national craze. There was over 500,000 acres of farmland planted in the spring of 2019 compared to approximately 70,000 acres the year before. Ground that had not been farmed in decades was ...
  • Stressing out your Plants for Bigger Hemp Flowers

     When it comes to growing cannabis there are hundreds of professional growers that have their favorite way to grow the biggest buds whether it is using special teas, exotic soil mixes or even certain sounds of music. And yes, I am one of those growers that uses most of these same practices. But let’s take a moment and try to simplify what really is going on with the plant when we pamper it like we do.