Hemp Farming

hemp flower vs. thc flower

  • Part 3 -Regenerative Soil for Outdoor Grown Hemp

    Whether you plant direct seed in the ground or seedlings, in the perfect world you want to plant into a field that has already been planted with some type of cover crop. At this point, I want to explain any confusion with the phrase “cover crop”, we use the word cover crop as a general meaning of some type of plant that covers the soil. The common meaning for cover crop is planting a field with a crop in a rotation method with other plots of your field ,so if you have say one 30 acre field that has been planted with corn for a few years and you want to give the field a rest and a chance for the soil to get rejuvenated you would plant a cover crop in that field for a year or two and then put it back in use using a no-till method.


  • Oregon Grown Hemp Flower

    Oregon grown hemp flower is one of the most sought-after hemp flowers in the country, mostly because it has the perfect weather and soil for the cannabis plant. The rich volcanic soils seem to have the ability to feed our hemp plants with nutrients that have been brought up from deep within earths crust from thousands of years of volcanic activity, add that on top of what the ancient glaciers brought down from the high peaks of the rocky mountains and you have the perfect mix of soils made up of sand, silt, and clay.