Stressing out your Plants for Bigger Hemp Flowers

Fletcher Farms

 Growing Hemp for Big Buds

When it comes to growing cannabis/hemp there are hundreds of professional growers that have their favorite way to grow the biggest buds whether it is using special teas, exotic soil mixes or even certain sounds of music. And yes, I am one of those growers that uses most of these same practices. But let’s take a moment and try to simplify what really is going on with the plant when we pamper it like we do.

In this discussion I will refer to our own Oregon grown hemp flower that we grow here in Eastern Oregon. First off in our experience we believe that cannabis grows different than the hemp plant and it grows different indoor than it does in a greenhouse. I am talking about growing hemp flower in an outdoor environment along with all that mother nature has to throws at it.

So, what is going on with our plants when we give it everything it needs all the time never letting it experience the difficulties of growing up? It gets complacent. The plant thinks it has a wonderful life, all the water and nutrient at its disposal. It just soaks up the sun branching out adding all kinds of new leaves, growing up to be the biggest plant in the field. Isn’t that what we want? Well maybe not. With all that easy street pampering your plant has forgot about the most important part of being a hemp plant, which is “Reproduction”. If our plants, feel like there are no stresses or danger in the way they are growing than there is no urgent need to spend much time getting ready to repopulate its species which is the plants main goal in life.

Lets look at what would happen if we took away some of its water or not give the plant as much food that it is used to, now the plant starts to stress out a little and thinks, I might not survive this much longer I need to put all my energy into my production system just in case. Perfect, now the plant is going to start the process of making hemp flower so it can get polluted and produce seed.

Here at our farm everything we do we starts with the soil and then we guide our hemp plants in the direction that we want them to go, and that is producing big healthy CBD oil rich hemp flowers. The way we do this is by stressing them as much as we can to train them at certain times of the growing season that life is going to get a little tough and they need to be ready. In turn our plants at an early age start to put all their energy into developing big quality flowers that Fletcher farms can be proud of.

I feel like you can really tell the difference when you smoke one of our smokable hemp pre rolls or our famous CBD gel caps compared to another farm that missed the mark on their growing strategy. Growing any type of plant outdoors is very challenging and I think understanding how the hemp plant grows in its natural environment will help all of us be better growers of this remarkable plant.