What are CBD Gummies?

Luke Fletcher

This is actually a question we get asked quite a bit and we don't think it is as odd as it might seem. With so many CBD products on the market, it can be a little confusing on which form factor is best. The main goal you should keep in mind, is what form factor do you prefer?


CBD Gummies have become a very popular form for taking CBD for a couple reasons. Let's start with the first one:


CBD Gummies disguise the "earthy" taste of Hemp oil very well. Most people don't like the bitter taste from CBD oil, though the more seasoned veterans actually tend to grow a taste for it. When we think of Gummies, we think of sweet, gelatin like candy, your first Gummy was probably in the form of a worm. Gummy worms are one of the worlds most popular candys. Gummies usually come in lots of fruity flavors as well. This combination of fruity flavors and sweetness are the perfect combo to mask any bitter taste you will get from CBD oil.


This leads to the second reason CBD Gummies have become a popular form factor for CBD. They taste good!  When things taste good, we want to eat them more! This has become a common trick in American Supplements and Vitamins. For years if something was good for you, it usually taste bad. Nowadays, our good ole fashion ingenuity, we are turning our favorite sweet snacks and adding all the good stuff into it. It is a win-win!  


While CBD oil in the form of Tinctures is popular as well. The advent of CBD gummies allows a lot more consumers to venture to try this amazing cannabinoid. Many people still have a stigma when it comes to beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp or cannabis plant. For years, it has been implanted in most of our brains that anything from Cannabis is bad and there is no medicinal value. We now know that is not true and we are still learning about the amazing beneficial compounds in this remarkable plant. That is another reason CBD gummies are so great. When newcomers to CBD see it in a Watermelon Gummy, it is not as intimidating and they are willing to try CBD. 

In conclusion, there are not many people who wouldn't benefit from CBD. So if a delicous, sweet CBD gummy is what is takes, then so be it!  As long are you getting this remarkable compound in your body, you are going to see benefits.

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