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Luke Fletcher

Luke Fletcher (me): I jumped into the Cannabis/Hemp industry in 2016 as one of the first employees at a small start up (at the time) called Cura Cannabis Solutions. Little did I know that one small jump would take me and my fellow colleagues on a wild ride over the next 4 years and we would build the largest Cannabis company in the world. It was an amazing experience and one I feel so fortunate to have been a part of. Before then, I had recently worked for SolarCity (now Tesla) and had a quick stint in the Craft Beer Industry working for my good friends at Payette Brewing. I feel all my experiences have really led me to this point, to this venture with my family and for Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. to become one of the most trusted and reliable sources for quality hemp and CBD products in the world.

Lindsay Fletcher: Lindsay been a Licensed Massage Therapist for many years now and a hobby herbalist for even longer. She has long understood the power of plant medicine and developed almost all of our formulations on our current products. She was definitely a big inspiration for our products early on while we were building Select CBD. I still remember the beautiful notebook drawings (actual hand drawn pictures in colored pencil) she presented me of different herbal and essential oil blends we could use for our Select CBD tinctures, which I then quickly texted to the rest of our team and they loved. The rest was history, Select CBD tinctures would grace the pages of Rolling Stone magazine and become one of the most popular CBD tinctures on the market for many years. She has another level of understanding when it comes to plants and their therapeutic benefits and with Fletcher Farms Hemp Co the possibilities are endless.
Randy Fletcher: Randy grew up in Northern California and is the epitome of a California Cowboy. From boogie boarding to riding bulls, he has done it all and then some.. I think he started more businesses when I was growing up than I can even remember. He has a natural knack for working with his hands and building something out of nothing. He is the true Macgyver and probably who the show was based off of. In the late 80's, he and my mom grew Alfalfa and raised Texas Longhorns. That was their first taste of farming and luckily with Fletcher Farms, it is not their last. After building one of the largest Residential Electrical Service companies in Boise, Idaho Randy and Patty decided to move on to greener pastures (pun intended) and buy land in Oregon to start growing Hemp. They are the true Pioneers in our venture and we are so happy to have their experience on our side.
Patty Fletcher: Patty, besides being the world's greatest Mom and Grandma and other half to Rand’s entrepreneurial visions over the years, notably  spent 10 years as an Ada County Sheriff Dispatcher in Boise, Idaho.  Answering 911 calls, working a crazy schedule and listening closely to the police scanners to make sure none of her kids were getting into trouble were the norm. It was not rare for her to call in a favor (while working the morning shift) from a local police friend so her kids could get a ride to school after missing the bus. Oh the looks we would get when we got out of the back of a police car. Patty can do it all and knows how to get a business up and going, and like Lindsay, has a special connection to the plants out on the farm. With her passion and vision, Fletcher Farms Hemp Company is sure to thrive.
The Rest of the Family: We have no shortage of family and friends that keep our operation humming. There are so many people that are instrumental to the day to day success of Fletcher Farms Hemp Co. Rich, Jesse and Klayton (my other siblings) all help out and are intricate pieces. We also have Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Friends that have and continue to help us execute our mission. It is really a true grass roots effort and I think one of the reasons that makes Fletcher Farms Hemp Company special.


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