Hemp Flower Vs THC Flower

Luke Fletcher

When it comes to finding the differences between hemp flower and THC flower, the visual similarities leave people confused. Imagine for a moment that two boxes sit in front of you. Each box contains a bud, and the two are so similar that they could be twins. 

Games aside, it’s difficult to know. These two flowers share similar properties because they are both in the Cannabis family and share a gene pool. They have the same look and quite similar fragrances. Unless you’re around it as often as we are, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find the difference. 

However, one bud is an organic, high-quality hemp flower grown here on Fletcher Farms. The other is filled with THC. When you want to cut back on the psychoactive effects of the plant, how do you know which is which? 

Hemp flower and THC Flower may share a similar odor and appearance, but their compositional differences are significant. 

Hemp Flower and CBD 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid - chemical compound - found in cannabis. This cannabinoid is the second most abundant in most Cannabis plants after THC. More importantly, CBD on its own is not psychoactive. Oftentimes, CBD consumers use products with this compound to aid them in managing a variety of issues. 

From chronic pain to anxiety, there are many potential benefits to regular CBD consumption. That’s part of why CBD is gaining so much popularity throughout the United States and across the world. 

THC Flower and, well, THC

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. This compound is the main reason people experience a “high” when they smoke or otherwise consume cannabis. Its legality varies throughout the U.S., but many see the value in its medicinal use. 

So, when it comes to hemp flower and THC flower, is one better than the other? 

Appearance and Composition 

As previously stated, the hemp flower and its THC-heavy counterpart taste, smell, and appear quite similar. That’s why it’s so important for us to differentiate our products as CBD-focused and use third-party testing to verify all of our products with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). We know that, for most destinations, it’s legal to ship hemp-derived CBD products. 

CBD and THC are both derived from cannabis, with hemp known as Cannabis sativa. However, hemp’s cannabinoid content is quite different from the cannabis commonly called marijuana. Hemp flowers are grown for their higher concentration of CBD and naturally occurring low levels of THC. On the other hand, THC flower is bred for its higher levels of THC (clearly). 

The Effects of These Flowers 

People consume cannabis for a broad spectrum of reasons. When you understand the effects of CBD and THC, though, it helps you find the flower that’s best for you. 

THC is a psychoactive substance, which means that it can cause shifts in thoughts, behavior, feelings, mood, or awareness. Additionally, it can cause an increase in appetite and a shift in your sensory perception. Its less enjoyable side effects can range from paranoia and confusion to nausea. 

On the other hand and as we said earlier, CBD is not psychoactive (on its own). Our products use full-spectrum CBD, which contains naturally occurring trace levels of THC, and some people still feel a high after using them. However, these lowered levels of THC have led to a wider acceptance of CBD products. 

The impact and effects are often less apparent to the user, and more research is needed before we make any bold claims about it. While the potential of CBD is promising, the scientific community is still working to understand the benefits. 

Hemp Flower, THC Flower, and You 

As you can see, the differences between CBD hemp flower and THC flower are quite different, so it’s difficult to really compare them. The winner between them is really up to you!

While pitting these two flowers in battle against each other might sound interesting, they’re two separate yet equal classes. Whether you prefer hemp-derived products or a more psychoactive experience, your relationship is a personal choice. 

However, as the legality of THC remains in question, hemp flower is a great way to enjoy the calming, relaxing effects of cannabis. Check out our store for high-quality, hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD products, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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