What a fine pair they make

What is a Float Tank?

A float tank  (Also known as sensory deprivation) is a pitch-black, light-proof, soundproof environment that contains about 10 inches of water. It is heated to match your body temperature and extremely salty so you can float weightlessly like an asteroid through space. The point of this contraption is to deprive yourself of all external stimuli and was developed in 1954 by John C. Lilly.

No. Not John C. Reilly.

John C. Lilly!

This dude was a psychonaut to the fullest and came up with the idea in order to fully explore our consciousness. When removing the external stimuli such as sight, sound, touch, and gravity - you are left with your good ole fashion mind to keep you entertained, or more importantly, to analyze.

To put it simply, sensory deprivation tanks are like a cheat code that allows you to listen closely to that Voice in your head - you know that voice that is creating all that anxiety? Have you ever stopped and listened to it with no other distractions? For many, to be alone with your thoughts is terrifying - but science has shown it can greatly reduce anxiety, stress and almost every aspect of your overall health.

What's the link to CBD?

That nagging voice in your head that causes the anxiety - some early studies have shown that CBD can calm that thing down!

One of my favorite studies on this was done in 2011 in Brazil. In the trial, they gave some patients CBD and others a placebo before Public Speaking. Long story short, the patients that took CBD had “significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory speech” Though a small study, it gives some confirmation on what many people experience anecdotally from taking CBD.

Now imagine taking CBD before your float! Or don’t even imagine it, just do it! It is like adding another cheat code on top of a cheat code! Double Cheat Code! With CBD helping you calm the voice you are so afraid of and don’t want to listen to - You can access a state of relaxation much easier and truly get the most out of your float experience.

How to use CBD Smokes before you Float

About 20 minutes before you arrive at your Float Shop Destination. Light up a “Fletch”. Bonus points if you do this in a quiet space with relaxing music to get your body and mind primed. That’s it! The effects should last just long enough for a calm, relaxing and insightful float.

Side note: Lindsay (my wife) says I need to try to stop trying to make “Fletch” happen as a nickname for our Smokes and sent me this video below today but I think it sounds cool! Who is with me?!

Where to get CBD and Float?

You can now find our CBD + CBG 10 pk Smokes at Float Seattle in Washington and Lift/Next Level Floats in New York. 

Have you tried CBD and Floating? 

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